What is Mochi?

Fresh and made to order, we create deliciously soft and chewy mochi rice cakes that look as good as they taste.

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Mochi is a traditional Japanese sweet made from sweet rice flour.

Slowly becoming a big trend in the UK Ai No Mochi has bought freshly made, artisan mochi right to your doorstep.

Expertly made by hand to create a soft and chewy outer layer. It is then shaped and filled with various tasty fillings. All our fillings are made in house and to perfection. With limited edition flavours being released monthly, you always have an excuse to have a mochi moment every month.

We’ve worked to create perfectly smooth chocolate, crunchy biscuit centres & more traditional flavours. All perfect combinations with our soft and sticky mochi, creating small balls of joy. Each ball is then hand decorated to ensure they look as good as they taste. After all we eat with our eyes first.


Sweet rice flour mixture is steamed until the sticky texture is formed.


We then pound the rice flour to create that chewy perfection


Once cool we fill small pockets of the mochi with our own delicious fillings


We then hand decorate each mochi for that extra WOW!

What our customers say

Join the others who are loving our mochi subscription service


Love every bit of my subscription service. I can change the flavours to what i’m craving on that particular month. Also a good way to try the monthly specials.


Honestly, these mochis are what I look forward to every month after payday. Honestly so good


The subscription service is very user friendly. I can select my flavours up to a certain date & I can have different flavours every month.


Was gifted a box for the first time. It was pretty clear I was addicted and since then I have subscribed. Works out better in the long run

Richard Hu

The mochis are of such great quality, each box I receive is always better than the previous. The effort and imagination gone in each mochi is very visible.


With such a wide selection of flavours, subscribing just felt like the right thing to do. I get to sample all the flavours and its hassle free. Win win situation. Cant wait for my next box.

Made to order

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New flavours

Keep a look out as our mochi makers are always hard at work creating new flavours for you to enjoy.

Vegetarian & Halal

All of our mochi are vegetarian friendly and halal. It just means everyone can enjoy them

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