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Limited Edition Summer Box -


This limited edition box will only be available for the summer.

Our limited edition summer box will send your tastebuds straight to your favourite summer destinations.
This box of 8 contains 4 Summer flavours, 3 of which are limited edition.
2 x Pina Colada (Alcohol Free)
2 x Summer Berry
2 x Peachy Cheesecake
2 x Strawberry White Chocolate

3 reviews for Limited Edition Summer Box

  1. Melissa

    Loved the flavours in this box, could really taste all the different fruit flavours. Thank you once again for such yummy treats.

  2. Jonathan

    Such a good selection of flavours. Love all the special flavours you come up with.

  3. Chloe

    Loved them. Already gifted them to a few friends.

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