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Sample Box -


Indulge in our handcrafted, fresh Mochi. Unique to Ai No Mochi, our crafting process involves NO frozen ingredients, resulting in an extra tasty experience. If you've never experienced the unique flavour of Mochi before, our surprise sample box is the perfect opportunity. With 4 individually-wrapped Mochis to enjoy and bundled with FREE delivery, you can't go wrong!

Handcrafted & freshly made NOT frozen!
Delivered fresh to your door
Perfect to indulge in yourself or as a gift.
All Vegetarian and Halal
Dairy and gluten-free options
Steamed to your preference on request
Free shipping included with the sample box

3 reviews for Sample Box

  1. Liam Taylor

    Ordered this as I had never tried Mochi before. I got 4 really good flavours and i’ve now ordered another box. High quality mochi and you can really taste how fresh they are. The mochi itself is packed with lots of filling.

  2. E C S

    Beautiful and absolutely delicious! Such a special and unique treat

  3. Antoniohap

    Although it looked beautiful, like an expensive box of chocolates, it did feel like a lot of single-use plastic was involved in fairness, this is pretty consistent with what you tend to see in Japan. In Summary… My Review Of Ai No Mochi We really enjoyed our mochi, and it was fun to have a taste of Japan in the UK.

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