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Box of 16 Subscription -

£22.25 / month

Indulge in our handcrafted, fresh Mochi. This flavoursome treat is perfect to enjoy yourself or to spoil someone as a gift. Unique to Ai No Mochi, our crafting process involves NO frozen ingredients, resulting in an extra tasty experience.

Handcrafted & freshly made NOT frozen!
Delivered fresh to your door
Perfect to indulge in yourself or as a gift.
All Vegetarian and Halal
Dairy and gluten-free options
Steamed to your preference on request
Standard shipping only £2.99
Express shipping in 2-4 days only £4.99*

How it works

1. Subscribe and choose your flavours
2. Receive your first box in the post within 5  working days*
3. Login to change your flavours. You have till 3 days prior to your renewal/sign up date to change your flavours around*
4. Receive your box, around the same time each month as your first box!
5. You will receive an exact delivery date closer to the time of your order being despatched.
6. Too much mochi? Cancel at any time before your next charge date.

*If we don't receive any changes to your flavours, we'll simply send the same selection as your previous month. Delivery times may vary depending on your location.

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3 reviews for Box of 16 Subscription

  1. Hayyan Choudhry

    Signed up last week and received my first box. I cant wait for my next box now.

  2. Rachel

    Received my second box and they keep getting better. This is the best thing I have signed up to.

  3. Sarah D (verified owner)

    These guys have been absolutely outstanding in terms of their customer service from day one and regarding the consistency of the standard of their product. For someone who has loved mochi, particularly fresh mochi with all its many filling varieties; from chocolate, to icecream, cheesecake, azuki and beyond since first coming across them when living with Japanese students back when I first left home at 18yrs old, a love that’s continued until now at 32yrs old, getting my fix wherever I can, (which isn’t easy now, no longer living in a big city but back tucked away in a little seaside village!), this company is a revelation bringing fresh mochi to my door and providing such a wide selection that changes to a comfortable degree as the year goes on. Keeping a hold of good staple flavours, often holding onto some of the new flavours I particularly like for a long time if I’m lucky, with some also making re-appearances etc. It’s lots of fun and I subscribed with my partner to the 16 box for most of last year and we were overjoyed the whole time we were signed up to the service! We only stopped leading up to winter/Christmas to help save money.
    But as soon as we could we made a one off order of the Limited Edition Christmas 16 box and it was outstanding, lots of great flavours that made its return to our lives a real joy in December and I look forward to a whole new year of exciting flavours now through 2022. Jan now and already prepping my next order! Once you get the mochi bug it’s hard to look back.
    Advice: Follow the storage and BBE info. So make sure you store in a cool dry place and eat within the first few days, freeze as advised if you likely won’t/can’t as they only take about 30-45min to thaw out at room temp, and for enjoyment I advise eating any cheesecake based mochi first and lightly chilling before serving. Nutella one is also good like this. (Do not refrigerate as general storage as this can dry out the mochi dough).

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